Charge financial savings are only 1 thought. It is surely an gain to be in a position to preserve just one-third of the total remedy expenses by dispensing with bone augmentation techniques, which are unnecessary in the case o
. But what is much more significant for a lot of clients is that BOI implants ultimately give them the treatment method solution they really want.

- BOI are often the only way to provide set restorations.
- Quick/early loading
- Avoidance of interim dentures and provisionals.
- No reentry/implant publicity medical procedures.
- Extremely minor exterior materials
- Diskos® and
displace up to sixty% less bone substance than similar screw implants.
- Bone integrity and perfusion are scarcely impaired.
- Immediate implant placement soon after in depth tooth extractions
- Immediate implantation is attainable even in circumstances with periodontal involvement (cleaning, perio treatment method and implant placement in a single move).
- Sizeable time cost savings can be understood.
- The cost/benefits ratio is outstanding.
- Favourable distribution of biomechanical loads
- Masses are distributed only to the cortical areas.
- The cortical areas are a lot more resistant to resorption and more robust and also regenerate additional rapidly.
- Enossal drive transmission happens significantly away from the web-site of bacterial invasion.
- Quick loading is achievable thanks to bicortical help and fast prosthodontic splinting.
- Superior resistance to bacterial infection – drive-transmitting enossal elements of the implant are far away from the website of bacterial invasion.
- Problems through the surgical phase are scarce
- Diskos® and
are very resistant to preoperative or intraoperative infection – clients are not subject to excessive oral hygiene specifications.
- Smokers are also eligible for treatment method.
- With BOI implantology, even difficult scenarios can be solved.
- BOI implantology returns these situations to the experienced implantologist: hospital stays, bone transplants (inasmuch as their only objective is to generate a appropriate implant bed for screw implants) and a lot of other needless actions can be dispensed with.